First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


I am starting this blog to share my thoughts some poems and some prose ,orignal quote and quotes which inspired me.

Something about me :

I am a person who don’t just write feelings some of my works are fiction too. Your beautiful words always will catch my attention . I love to write but I love to read more .

Remember :

  • Never stop learning .
  • Never stop fighting .
  • Never hurt others.
  • Never judge others .
  • Never stop loving yourself .
  • Be kind .
  • Be polite .
  • Be beautiful you .

So now a peice of my work :

I wonder what she is thinking of

Maybe a poem or a prose

A feeling that was not considered and still reside in her heart

A feeling that never rose its voice

Tangled thoughts which are yet to be untangled

A journey yet to begin flying high in the sky

Across the river or across the woods

Lying on green grass and running barefoot

Gentle she looks I wonder how her thoughts looks

A broken heart or a broken dream

What is carrying her forehead crease

Calm looking oceon having hurricanes within

Her eyes looks stormy and smile is just like a morning in spring

Gazing at her I just want to find her not name only but

Her past battles and the mountains soon to be conquered by her only too.


A sweet desire
A beautiful never ending day dream
A bitter-sweet reality
I’m calling you my own
However you may belong to someone else
My desire
My day dream
My bitter sweet reality
My heart
Even when you are not mine
I can call you my own in disguise
Hiding you in metaphors
Finding you in ironies
Writing you in poetry
Writing you a poetry
It’s a little bit childish
But I can call you mine
In a childish way
Hey!You are mine
Mine crush.


His eyes

There was something in his eyes
Something I can’t decipher
It was not something stormy or calm
Something not even close to something poetic
That stare was just not fine
It wasn’t lusty,lovely,scary or something in between
Something I just can’t decipher
Was it judgmental ?
Was it disdain?
I’m not sure what it was or what it wasn’t
When his eyes look deep into mine
That stare was just not fine.

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WORDS are writer’s BEST FRIEND

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They hold meanings
They hold love
They hold fear
They hold tears
They hold promises
They hold weakness
They hold strength
They sum up one’s emotion
They sum up one’s decision
They sum up one’s unheard thoughts
They sum up comfort for one’s head
They cut deep the soul with misunderstandings
They are carried deep in one’s soul
They hold ironies
They hold expression
They create impression
They create rhyming
They create stories
They are simple yet twisted
They are twisted yet simple
They are few yet a lot
They are a lot yet very few
They are random yet beautiful
They are beautiful yet random
These words aren’t enough yet somehow they are
These are words weaved for word “word” just because!

Confession of Love :LONG TERM

Long term investment

Long term
I ain’t asking you for a forever
I just want you for a long term with some conditions applied
You just have to be with me until I die and after that I’ll rest in peace with your memories
You just have to give me all your love and attention until fate part our ways
You just have to care for me and let me return the favor to you by love and care
You just have to be there and let me be there to share your burden and problems
A couple of disagreement and a few fights shouldn’t make you blind
We just have to be in love for a long time a “Long Term”
We just have to be beside each other until our hair turns grey and skin wrinkles
I don’t trust forever cause I’m not here forever
I just want you to be here with me for a long term that ends with my last breath

  • Anisha



Candle Marches
Hashtags Trending
Nothing can mend a broken soul and a shattered heart


Those filthy hands making their move towards her
Those filthy hands taking no permission touching her without any fear
Those filthy hands claiming her body like now they own it
Keeping a straight face for world but smiling devilishly inside

She was screaming yet again everybody was acting being deaf
She was traumatized yet again everybody was acting being blind
She was broken yet again everybody was blaming her
She was.

NOTE: It’s not like only girls are the victim of those filthy hands.
But the victim of those filthy hands knows how wrong it feels when an unwanted touch invades their personal space and how dirty it feels.Who have suffered knows how traumatizing it is and how awful one feel. The people who have witnessed something this awful and shameful and have done nothing to stop or protect one are no less than the culprit.How can someone turn their back when someone need them. How can someone act they don’t know what’s happening when it’s crystal clear.
Candle marches
Hashtags trending
Nothing can mend a broken soul and a shattered heart



Only if she knew
I have no clue
where to rant
who to write a letter to.

The day of loosing my best friend
I won’t sugarcoat anything but you were a lot harsher then the winds that were already drifting us apart that’s why we got weak enough to let go the single thread of the love.It aches so much remembering you.

My bestfriend
I miss you
Sometimes a lot

To my ex best friend
Whatever I try to remember about you these words echoes first but when I remember you all I remember is a beautiful girl annoying me laughing and be bubbly.
Things are different now and even we had tried nothing is back to normal
sigh! I miss you a lot today.


A random Song
A random memory
A random Thought
A random poetry

I’m just trying to survive
I’m just trying to fight
I’m just trying to breathe
I’m just trying not to scream and be a mad person in everyone’s eye
I’m just trying to fake a smile and be cold or nice and hide
I’m just trying to survive

I keep asking myself
“what I want to with my life?”
Am I going to be another lost soul or an another mystery unsolved
Am I always going to hide in words or finding my solace in these words
Are these words here to fool me or make me feel calm for a little while
What I’m going to do
Making a fool out of myself or making a fool out of others
The questions are so many and in an infinite loop
I keep asking myself